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Heat meter TC-11

Heat meter TC-11 Heat meter TC-11 Heat meter TC-11 Heat meter TC-11
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Multichannel heat meter TC-11 is designed to measure the thermal energy delivered by a source or received by a consumer, heat carrier mass and other parameters in direct and indirect heat and water supply systems for registering and calculating operations.

Range of application includes heat units of apartment houses, public and industrial buildings, central heat units, heat networks of domestic objects, heat sources, objects of housing and communal services, educational, medical and cultural buildings.


The heat meter has six main thermal energy measurement channels and two additional channels. To each main measurement channel one primary electromagnetic flow rate transducer, one platinum resistance thermal converter, one excessive pressure transducer can be connected. To each additional measurement channel one platinum resistance thermal converter and one excessive pressure transducer can be connected. Besides the heat meter has two pulse channels to connect meters with pulse output, e.g. to connect cold water meters.

The heat meter allows to measure thermal energy at four independent registering units.

The heat meter provides:

  • selection of a required variant of thermal energy calculation out of those available in the computer memory in accordance with the maintenance manual or programming of one's own additional variants;
  • measurement and indication on the LCD indicator of the following parameters:

    • current mass and volume flow rates of the heat carrier (water) in each main measuring channel;
    • current thermal power in each measuring channel;
    • current temperature in each measuring channel;
    • ambient air temperature;
    • pressure in the measuring channels to which the pressure transducers are connected;
    • the heat carrier (water) mass and volume in each main measuring channel in progressive total;
    • thermal energy quantity in each main measuring channel in progressive total;
    • the heat carrier temperature difference, mass difference and volume difference;
    • quantity of the delivered or consumed thermal energy in progressive total and quantity of thermal energy consumed in the hot water supply system in progressive total;
    • water volume in progressive total in each pulse channel to which meters with pulse output are connected;
  • archive creation in the computer non-volatile memory: depth of a day archive is 2 years, that of hour archive is 6 months and information output of any day and any hour of the selected periods to its own LCD indicator, printer or external PC;
  • output of all measured parameters via the RS-232 interface by request from the external PC;
  • setting parameters protection from unauthorized interference by the user password.

The heat meter is designed for operation in climatic conditions ТВ4 according to GOST 15150-69 but within the ambient air temperature range from plus 1 to plus 40 ºС.

The Heat Meter Composition

The heat meter includes:

  • computing unit TB-11;
  • measuring units БИ-1 (every БИ-1 contains one ППР9-2 primary electromagnetic flow rate transducer and a МЭ-1electronic module); number of the БИ-1 units is specified by the order but maximum quantity is 6 pcs; optionally the БИ-1 units without the ППР9 transducers, -БИ-1-1 designed to measure pressure and temperature only, can be delivered;
  • sets of platinum technical difference thermal converters КТПТР or sets of platinum difference resistance thermal converters КТСПР having nominal static characteristic 100P according to GOST 6651-2009.

The heat meter can include excessive pressure transducers with a unified output DC signal from 4 to 20 mA, maximum quantity is eight.

The heat meter can be completed (by the customer's request) with an outdoor air temperature sensor ДТЦ.

The TC-11 heat meter is easily integrated in metering instrument dispatching systems of Information and Measuring System "Eldis" from JSC "Eldis" and Integrated Coordination System from "CSBI ATM" Ltd. Concerning the integration in the dispatching systems we recommend to contact the service providers.

JSC "Eldis" contacts: office 205, liter "A", 69, Revolution Highway, Saint-Petersburg, 195279. Теl.: 8 800 775 13 93;;

"CSBI ATM" Ltd. contacts: liter "A", 2, Victory Square, Saint-Petersburg, 196143. Теl.: +7 812 438 19 91; fax: +7 812 373 35 13;;

To order the heat meter a customer should fill in the order form given in the TC-11 heat meter Maintenance Manual (Appendix E).

The TC-11 heat meter technical characteristics are given in the Maintenance Manual.