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Heat Meter TC-07

Heat Meter TC-07 Heat Meter TC-07 Heat Meter TC-07 Heat Meter TC-07
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The TC-07 heat meter is designed to measure, indicate, register, archive and transfer to external devices data of quantity and other parameters of thermal energy and heat carrier received by a customer in direct and indirect heat and water supply systems with installation of two primary flow rate transducers.

Range of application

Commercial thermal energy accounting in apartment houses, public and communal buildings and industrial enterprises for registering, calculating and technological operations.

The TC-07 heat meters are designed for operation in heat supply systems with a heat carrier (type of heat carrier is delivery water according to Construction Norms and Regulations 2.04.07-86 «Heat Supply Networks») having the following parameters:

  • excessive pressure range is up to 2.5 MPa (25kgf/cm2);
  • temperature range is from 5 to 150°С;
  • temperature difference in direct and reverse flows is from 5 to 145°С.

The heat meter provides:

  • automatic self-diagnosis (detects malfunctions of the heat supply system and its own assemblies, time of the device switching off from the mains thus detecting unauthorized interference into the thermal energy measurement process);
  • conversion of volume flow rate into mass flow rate and indication on the matrix four-row display with backlighting of the following parameters:

    • heat carrier mass flow rate in each measuring channel, (two measuring channels), ton/h;
    • thermal power, GJ/h (Gcal/h);
    • current time (minutes, hours) and date (year, month, day);
    • operating time, hours, minutes;
    • error codes (emergency operating modes);
    • heat carrier mass in progressive total for every measuring channel, ton;
    • thermal power quantity in progressive total for every measuring channel, GJ (Gcal/h);
    • current temperature in each measuring channel,°С;
    • current excessive pressure, MPa;
    • cold or hot water total volume V3 (in progressive total) in case a meter with a pulse output with the pulse value of 0.1m3 or 1m3 is connected to the «meter» channel;
  • calculation and archiving of the summarized parameters of the heat carrier in the delivery and return pipe-lines (the heat carrier mass, thermal energy quantity, average temperature, minimum pressure) and output of these values via the RS-232 interface directly to a printer with no additional devices used or to an external PC with a special User software «teplo 07». Day archive depth is 1 year, that of hour archive is 1 month;
  • storage of the current and archived parameters in a non-volatile memory during 10 years min with the power supply switched off;
  • measurement and calculation of the heat carrier parameters in inverted flow in the «summer» mode of hot water supply without the ППР transducer remounting and the heat carrier feed along the delivery or return pipe-line;
  • possibility of programming of a cold water temperature (makeup pipe-line) using the heat meter keyboard.

As the ППР transducer lining material a thermoplastic material of a superstructural polymer category is used and this provides a high operating temperature of up to 220ºC for a long period, very high resistance to chemical corrosive solvents, high hardness and rigidity, linear expansion coefficient of 25*10-6К-1 (close to that of metals), low moisture absorption — 0.02% max. The above mentioned material properties in combination with the measuring channel glossy surface provide guaranteed receipt of the ППР transducer operating characteristics.

Delivery set

  • heat computer ТВМ;
  • one or two primary electromagnetic heat carrier volume flow rate transducers ППР-7;
  • a set of platinum technical difference thermal converters КТПТР-04 or a set of platinum resistance difference thermal converters КТСПР-001 for temperature measurement;
  • two excessive pressure transducers to measure pressure in the delivery and return pipe-lines by the Consumer’s request.

Precision characteristics

By the precision characteristics the heat meter completely complies with the requirements of class 4 in accordance with МИ 2164-91 and recommendations of “OIML R72. HOT WATER METERS”.

The heat meter tolerated basic relative error limit when measuring the heat carrier mass is
±2% of the measured value within the transducer relative measurement range Gmin/Gmax =1:150

Technical characteristics

Minimum temperature difference, °С .............................................5
Relative flor rate range Gmin/Gmax ………............................1:150
Power consumption, W, max.........................................................30
The ТВМ heat computer dimensions.............................260х211х115